10/10 Reads

Here’s a list of some 10/10 reads. I guarantee that you will be better off after spending some time on this list.

New additions in BOLD

This list is constantly being updated:

Jonathan Mead’s “Why Passion Doesn’t Matter”
Jonathan Mead’s “Why People Hate Productivity”
Kyle + Jen’s “Writing is Pursuing”
Kyle + Jen’s “Pride & Blogging & Humility”
Kyle + Jen’s “On Confidence”
Jonathan Fields’ “4 Delusions of Entrepreneurs”
Tyler Braun’s “The Danger of Passion”
Drew Breaux’s “Middle School”
Tyler Stanton’s “The Bad Office Pooper” ** HILARIOUS **
Sam Spurlin’s “30 Things I Don’t Have Time For (And You Don’t Either)”


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