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Amateur Entrepreneur 0.1

You could compare my blogging in the past month to that of the Baltimore Orioles this year (29 games behind & no clear sight of anything shiny for a LONG, LONG, TIME) — both insanely awful.

So, I’ve been on this BUSINESS PLAN tangent — where all I can think about is different ideas and different entrepreneurial opportunities I could pursue. Everything from starting a website design business to going to garage sales on weekends – scavenging valued items and reselling them via eBay or Craig’s List.

While I get so wrapped up around ideas and business plans, the things that I need to RE-FOCUS on are:

  • What am I passionate about?
  • What makes me tick?
  • How can I use my strengths to make a profit?

Ultimately, starting a business takes WORK. It’s kind of like going into the Medical Field — at first, its a very glamorous-looking job, making 6-figure salaries — but once you take Organic Chemistry or get into that first week of medical school where 2 hours of sleep a night is considered GREAT SLEEP, then things get tough. In order to finish Medical School/Residency (from talking to many doctors), YOU MUST have a passion for it. You must love science, love people, and be okay with the long hours that you spend — all in the name of a job.

Speaking from myself now — say Sewing is in HIGH demand and I take some classes, start a business, and make a massive profit. I could be making PLENTY of money, but ultimately SEWING all day would just suck! While my mom, or next door neighbor would love doing that for money — I just wouldn’t…I don’t care how much you pay me, SEWING will never make me happy. (Unless I was sewing the covers on baseballs for the baseball-starving children of the world — how do they do that anyways? ( ** Looking up “how to make baseballs” now on YouTube** ))

What I’m getting at is this — You can come up with GREAT dreams, profitable ideas, & invest in some great things — but ultimately, if you aren’t pursuing something that your passionate about, your going to MAX out quick.

Think about it this way:

The amount of EFFORT you put into a PASSIONATE business venture will FAR exceed the amount of EFFORT you would put in a PASSION-LESS business venture.

With that said, I’d like to conclude with this:

Choose I-40 (Interstate running from Coast-to-Coast) as your pathway to greatness. Don’t choose a dead end or you will hit your max quicker than Stephen Strasburg’s fastball. (101mph)