Bucket List

Bucket List items — As I accomplish these, an “X” will follow.

– Produce a short film
– Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro (I climbed half of it, not the whole thing)
– Turn my business ideas into a profitable business
– Be apart of a sports ministry outreach program in Uganda
– Love my career
– Find the love of my life (X – Jan, 2010)
– Attend NBA Playoff game (X — Attended 3 Thunder playoff games)

– Read a minimum of 3 books in full in a single month
– Sleep on a roof
– Read the entire New Testament
– Master the art of website design
– Go to Africa (X – July, 2007)
– Attend the U.S. Open (tennis) in NY
– Win Intramural Championship (X – OSU Basketball 2010)
– Sponsor a child(s)
– Play drums in live concert
– Meet Ken Griffey Jr.
– Win City League softball Championship (X – Stillwater, 2008)
– Own a house w/ soundproof room containing drums
– Run a marathon
– Raise over $35,000 for a given charity
– Go to South America (X – Ecuador, 2002. Next is Brazil/Argentina)
– Watch a World Cup soccer match LIVE
– Ski a double-black diamond  (X — Breckinridge, March 2010)
– Scuba Dive the Great Barrier Reef
– Shoot an 80 (golf)
– Go deer hunting
– Build a canoe
– Ride a motorcycle from one coast to the other
– Ski the Swiss Alps
– Learn to Kite Surf
– See Chelsea play LIVE (European Soccer team) (X – June 2009)
– Attend NHL Playoff game
– Attend Bonaroo or Lollapalooza Music Festival
– Run a local Coffee Shop
– Meet College Gameday staff (X – OSU vs. OU Nov. 2008)
– Master Final Cut Pro
– Own a SeaDoo


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