5 more things learned from being Engaged.. Part 2

I’d like to continue this post from my “Part 1” of 5 more things learned from being engaged for 5 months now.

Here is 6-10.

6. Learn to love what he/she loves – Since we’re creepin’ up on the wedding date, we’re having to think about house decorations, plates, furniture, etc.. I’d like to think I have good taste in some things, but I’m learning that it probably better to let her take on these details. It’s unnecessary to disagree on the small things — because in the big picture, it’s JUST decorations/plates/furniture/etc..Aside from those small things, learning to love what he/she loves just adds to the bond that the two of you have..

7. Give together – I can’t tell you how awesome it is to give something as a couple. This year, we opted to “adopt a child” during the holidays. Knowing that you are bettering a situation directly, and doing it together, is something very special. Whether its giving towards Water is Life, the Tapestry project, The Adventure Project, Mocha Club, or the intersection hobo near your workplace — take on this quote from the legendary John Wooden:

“You can’t have a perfect day without doing something for someone who’ll never be able to repay you.”
John Wooden

8. Quality time – Life get’s in the way. Work gets in the way. Reality shows get in the way. But it’s so freakin’ important to be intentional about time spent together. Cherish the quality time, turn off the TV and just talk. Go beyond surface conversation, talk about the future, talk about goals/aspirations/career paths…Be Intentional!

9. Support one another – This is huge. I can’t even explain to you how incredible it is to have a second backbone who supports you in anything you do. Whether its talking about future opportunities, career direction, or even in a conflict, knowing that you’re better half is 100% behind you is irreplaceable.

10. Embrace the art of encouragement – For some weird reason, if Paige encourages me in any way, I’ll remember it for a long time. However, if my parents or good friends share that same piece of encouragement — it’s a quick “Thanks” and quickly forgotten. It’s a huge part of me that wants to put on my best for Paige, and being an “words of affirmation”-type guy, those insignificant comments become very significant in my eyes.

*11. Don’t wear slip-on Puma shoes – Probably the single-most important lesson I’ve learned in this time of engagement. No matter how much you love those slip-ons, your a big boy now and should probably ditch the high school shoes. It doesn’t matter how sentimental these shoes are to you, or where you’ve walked in them — all good things must come to an end. I guess it’s time to throw them away…

What are some things you’ve learned while being engaged/married?



6 responses to “5 more things learned from being Engaged.. Part 2

  • Scott Lesser

    Thing’s I’ve learned:
    – 1 year is too long of an engagement (by about 10 or 11 months give or take)
    – Listen, I always try to solve her problems when she usually just wants me to hear them and agree with her
    – The wedding day is crazy important to her. So while suggesting that we hire a clown to make balloon animals seems like it would be funny, it is not appreciated.

    Good luck with everything, wish you 2 the best!

  • Knox

    Not necessarily related to this post (though it in itself is awesome), I really enjoy your blog. Well-written, love the array of topics, and interesting! Keep up the good work!

  • Kayla

    I just found your blog thanks to Kyle & Jen at http://www.ourmarriageproject.com/.

    Having been engaged for merely a month myself I can identify with the things that you’ve written. While I am a girl, it is usually opposite roles in my and my fiancé’s relationship as he is the one who cares about the little things like the shape of our plates or the height for our future couch. So I could certainly identify with a lot of your post from a “guy” perspective even though I am not one.

    While where we were was great for our dating relationship, merely putting a ring on can change one’s whole schema. I am now realising how much more we need to be spending together in Bible reading and prayer whereas before Bible reading was done mostly alone, we would to church together and pray together for meals and at night when we said goodbye. These days those things are so much more important to do together because we are establishing patterns for our marriage.

    And with the purity aspect, when we were dating we could hang out at his house and watch movies and it was fine, but now we make sure that we are constantly on guard, never alone because the temptation is ever present.

    Thank you for your post, I believe that I will be a faithful follower! Sorry that I wrote a novel, I won’t do that often!

    • Michael

      Kayla —

      So awesome that you stumbled on here from Kyle/Jen’s blog — great people aren’t they?

      Thanks for the novel comment — I actually regard those as the best!

      All the best for you and your fiance,

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