Instrumental Goodness..

What do you focus on when you watch movies?

– The main actor/actress?
– The plot?
– Different camera shots?
– (for the ladies) Ryan Reynold’s abs?

How about movie scores? Not the soundtrack, but the score! Night/Day difference..

  • A movie soundtrack is usually made up of bands that have already recorded records specifically for the movie. Example: Garden State
  • A movie score is simply the lyric-less, instrumental music that sets the mood for a specific scene..  Example: Titans Score

I’ve loved movie scores for as long as I can remember. It’s the first thing I notice in movies. Doesn’t matter how crappy the movie is, if the score is great — all is good. If you ever want to surprise me with anything, just get me a movie score.

Here are a few of my favorite scores:
Friday Night Lights
Pearl Harbor
The Holiday
Forrest Gump
Blood Diamond

Favorite “composers” of these scores:
Hans Zimmer
James Newton Howard
James Horner
Aaron Zigman

These are good for three things:
– Getting to sleep
– Getting work done
– Running (Saving Private Ryan & Gladiator)

Because of this movie score obsession of mine, it sparked an interest in “Post-Rock” or “Instrumental-Rock” music.

Artists I heavily recommend are:
Explosions in the Sky
Signal Hill
This Will Destroy You
The Album Leaf
If These Trees Could Talk

Really makes for good “pondering” music..

No words — Just instrumental goodness!

What’s your favorite movie score? Favorite Post-Rock band?


One response to “Instrumental Goodness..

  • hearlyfilms

    going to film school has redefined how I watch movies… Connor says it has “ruined” the way I watch movies… Whatever, film peasant. I watch shots and angles and pay close attention to lighting and frame composition… it’s unfortunate, but almost all plots are pretty predictable now-a-days. It’s nice to find one with a twist.

    Fav movie scores: Forrest Gump, Rudy, Saving Private Ryan

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