Corporate (real) World vs. College (fake?) World..

Things to get used to once you graduate College and into Corporate America:

1. Your life is structured now
You have a time to be at work, a time for lunch, a time to be back at work, a time to leave, a time to work-out, a time for dinner, a time for a shower, and a time for bed.

In College: You slept all you wanted, you ate in-between classes, you played intramural sports instead of studied, etc..

2. You actually think about laundry
If you work in a corporate environment, you’re most likely going to have to wear slacks & a button-down shirt. This requires adequate preparation the night-before OR it requires you to wake up earlier to iron (or throw in the dryer) clothes before the day begins.

In college: I wouldn’t do laundry for weeks (just ask my roommate Matt Veasey or Nate Thiry) — The last thing I would think about is what I wore in the morning. When in doubt, gym shorts, sandals, & an OSU athletics shirt..

3. Consistent Paycheck
This is definitely something to look forward to. A paycheck is a beautiful thing. BUT there’s those things called bills — those are fun..

In college: Money? What money? I’m a college student!

4. Sleep is highly valued
Can’t tell you how great it is to get in bed by 10:00pm these days. It makes  for a good morning to go work out or actually enjoy a breakfast, or catch a re-run of SportsCenter.

In College: Sleep? Yea right.. Whether its all-nighters or just jackin’ around as college folk do .. there was always an excuse not to go to bed at a decent hour.

5. Weekends are like Christmas
I have a great job, but nothing beats the feeling of getting to “turn off” your brain for the weekend. With a 40-hour week of working, Saturday is your day to really LIVE it up!

In college: I would schedule classes 3-days a week. With this schedule, every day I didn’t have class was treated as a Saturday!

While I appreciate the long hours it took to build a road in which I travel upon to reach work, I have a major hatred for traffic. Unless you leave a the BC of dawn, traffic is inevitable. This being the case, I have learned to love radio shows with Jack & Ron as well as The Sports Animal segment from 7:30am-8am. Don’t forget that you’ll fill up your tank at least once a week — depending on the location of your fiance’s (or whoever you like to visit) house and workplace.

In College: You can walk, ride a bike, catch a bus ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE. No need to worry about gas spending, because you maybe filled up your tank once every 2-3 weeks, if you took advantage of other modes of transportation.

Check back later for more College Vs. Real World..



4 responses to “Corporate (real) World vs. College (fake?) World..

  • misssmith

    I think our college experiences were completely different… along with our new
    “corporate world” experiences. Steady paychecks are a luxury (I work on 100% commission), 8-5 Monday – Friday is unheard of (my days off change every 3 weeks – never getting a full “Saturday/Sunday” weekend off), and I take 5 different highways to get to work (be thankful for lovely Oklahoma City traffic).

  • elikhoury

    So this is what my life will be like next year.. How’s working for the Thunder?

  • hearlyfilms

    Hello Mr. Lane,

    I look forward to reading your list oriented blogs… They make me happy.

  • Adam

    I wish I was warned about this before entering into the real world, uhhgg….

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