5 Things learned from being Engaged.. Part 1

First of all, what are the capitalization rules for titles? I’m sure mines all wrong..


5 things I’ve learned while being engaged for 3’ish months..

Part 1:

1. It’s good to start developing habits that you want to bring into a marriage.
This includes maintaining laundry, cleaning after yourself, or leaving the toilet lid down at all times. I guarantee I won’t hear the last of it if I’m always leaving face shavings in the sink, jeans on the bathroom floor, or clean clothes not put away. So, an effort to work on these things to ensure a peaceful living situation concerning my “bad habits around the house” is mandatory, b/c let’s be honest, Paige is a lot more clean/orderly than I am..

2. Your mindset changes
Entering into a mindset of eternal marriage rather than just another “relationship” really brings a fresh/new outlook. You embrace the concept of “long term” wholeheartedly and look at every little thing from a whole new perspective. For example — How in the world will I be able to sleep if she likes her room this hot? or Will I start reading the newspaper and/or drinking coffee regularly before work? or Do married couples still need “me” (or alone) time? or Can I still play ps3 as a married man? Haha.. Thank God she loves Call of Duty..

3.  It’s better to get engaged, then get married 3 months later.. (we still have 7-8 months left………….)
While waiting 7-8 months to be married really ensures a solid preparation for a lifetime of fun, quarrels, & dirty diapers(not for a LONG time); for the “instant gratification” people that we are — it seems like forever away for an antsy engaged couple.

4. Establishing a spiritual bond is more important than establishing a physical bond
While physical bonds/chemistry is important, for obvious reasons, it’s always so critical for an engaged couple to seek the Lord together and apart. Why apart? Well, spending time with the Lord by ourselves strengthens our individual walks with God, thus strengthening it THAT much more as a couple. Right now, Paige and I are reading a YouVersion reading plan together. The goal is to read the whole bible in a year – we are almost done with Genesis & are in the middle of Matthew. It’s a time together that we really value & really hold at high priority.  Another incredible time to have with your fiance is to pray together. It brings your relationship to a new level that not only honors God, but strengthens your bond as a whole.

5. You’ve GOT to be strong!
Yea, the wedding day is in 7-8 months, but the temptations are going to be there every second until that wedding. You’re very attracted to your fiance, obviously, and you know your going to marry that person anyways, BUT, as a couple, you’ve got to make it a priority to stay strong & stay pure. Communicate what your dealing with & fight them head on. Give it all to God so your marriage will be THAT much stronger in the long term.

Part 2 — Coming soon.


While your reading this blog — check out this post where I talked about planning a MARRIAGE rather than planning a WEDDING.


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