Best of the Best..

While I have a few blog posts in the works, I’d like to extend my “Interweb Goodness” series with the “Best of the Best,” where I will go highlight some of my favorite bloggers. Czechhhhhh it out!

  • Ben Arment – “The Day We Stopped Learning” – Strong post from Ben on when we stop approaching new learning curves.
  • Bryan Allain – This guy is seriously funny. Reminds me of Nate Thiry. While he’s making a huge effort to “Save the Internet One Post at a time” — I thoroughly enjoyed his picture series on “living with the amish” — be sure and check this out!
  • Don Miller – I literally cannot pinpoint one post of his that didn’t spark inspiration or something deep thought’ish. Just click.
  • Justin Graves – Ah, Justin Graves, my youth pastor in High School. What a guy! The guy who will be marrying Paige and I in Mexico. He started a church in Tulsa,, and is that guy that you just want to know. Listen to his podcast & read his blog — you won’t be sorry.
  • Kevin DeShazo – I don’t personally know this guy, but honestly, following him through his twitter/blog — it’s as if I’ve known him for years. Is that creepy? Nah.. Great guy, great blog, embraces local business, loves his wife/little boy, and a huge OSU/Cardinals fan. Oh,  and he’s got a really good blog.
  • Kyle Porter – An incredible athlete, writer, and friend. This is his sports blog.
  • Lindsey Clift – A great friend who mine as well be a sister, a leader, & just a rock-solid chick — she posts about everything from leadership & faith to clothes and random thoughts..
  • Marc Estes – Solid posts that challenge and inspire..
  • Our Marriage Project (Kyle & Jen) – This couple has vowed to write a post per day for the first year of their marriage. Pretty cool stuff..

That’s all I got…



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