170 Kids & Leaders’ Roles ..

I just want to start this post by saying what a privilege it is to be a part of the LifeChurch.tv Yukon Switch launch. Over 170 kids the very first night, without any sort of out-of-the-church promotion, and its still SUMMER! Absolutely incredible seeing 6th-12th graders keep coming through those doors and lives ultimately being changed.

All that to say this:

We have an opportunity to pour into the lives of kids. Kids with unstable lives. Kids without dads or moms. Kids that are into drugs on a daily basis. Kids that have been arrested. Kids that face rejection day in and day out. Kids that have never been exposed to church.

It’s as if these kids are holding out their hands, looking around, waiting for someone to lead them, influence them, inspire them, and someone they can turn to when things get tough. After all, they are the ones that showed up. Each and every Wednesday night, and throughout the week, we get an opportunity to have a consistent role in a kid’s inconsistent life.

Last night, I got to really hang out with a 10th grader. We played basketball, played dodgeball, threw the football, and we just cut up as boys do. I actually saw a lot of myself in this guy. Coming from another church, it didn’t even dawn on me that he couldn’t be a christian. After sitting next to him in service, the salvation call came, and my buddy raised his hand. He sat in his chair and gave his life to Christ — something that requires a lot of boldness as a 16 year old.

What next?

Leaders get the role:

  • to pour into this kid’s life
  • to be a role model
  • to reach out to him Thurs-Tues
  • to encourage him
  • to battle insecurities
  • to take him to sporting events
  • to help him find a girl
  • to teach him about purpose & loving others
  • to help him live a life on fire for the Lord

That is what it’s all about — and I’m privileged to be a part of it!

Do you serve anywhere? Church? Boys/Girls Club? YMCA?



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