Casual Friday & Reginald’s OU Polo

In the workplace, there is always at least one individual who just loves to step inside your cubicle/office and talk your ear off.

We’ll refer to this guy at my work as Reginald — a 60-ish year old manager whose office is secluded in the back of the warehouse.

Now Reginald is an OU fan, and is THAT guy who wears the same crimson OU polo each and every “Casual Friday.” I won’t hold that against him though.. (Go Pokes)

So, Reginald comes by my 10×10 cube a good 4-5 times a day. Whether its to chat about how my orange polo on “Casual Friday” makes him want to puke, or about his grandkids, or even his hobbies once he leaves work. Pretty much can always count on having some sort of conversation with Reginald throughout the day.

Most of the time, Reg will enter my cube when I’m stacked with tasks — and it makes me think:

Could a 22 year old reach out to a 60 year old colleague? Maybe if I stopped what I was doing, didn’t get annoyed by the sound of his voice, turned around in my chair and took an interest in this man’s life — maybe, just maybe, that would reassure him that some people care about his trip to Branson or how he’s been married for 27 years, or about the fact that he’s never been out of the country and is A-OK with that. What if I switched roles and ended up really learning some life lessons from this guy? After all — he’s got a good 38 years on me, at least.

When it comes down to it, it’s not about the excel document or the phone call that needs to be made — it’s about impacting PEOPLE in some way. It’s about making people feel valued and assuring that what they have to say is important.

Truth is, I don’t know every little thing about Reg . I don’t know his home life or anything about his past — But what I do know is that I have the opportunity to care for this guy, to listen to his stories, laugh, and hopefully better off his day than from before he stepped in my cube.

Do you have a “Reginald” in your workplace that you can reach out to?



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