LeBron and Extreme Poverty..

LeBron James. An unbelievably talented athlete. 2009/2010 NBA MVP. 6x NBA All-Star. 2008 NBA Scoring Champion — just an insane amount of awards. Completely maxed out on athleticism and definitely considered a “global icon.”

What does it mean to be considered as a “global icon?”
– Household name
– One with massive contributions to his specific industry/sport.
– Role Model

The amount of leverage a “global icon” has to impact the world is ridiculously large. The fact that if Drew Brees/LeBron/Albert Pujols appeared on a commercial for Mocha Club, the awareness factor would sky rocket, thus increasing monthly contributions towards fighting poverty in Africa. It’s incredible to just think who (and how many) would react positively to a “global icon’s” message. What if LeBron appeared on a “Feed the Children” commercial instead of the creepy old guy who makes you feel disgustingly selfish? Since the Cheung’s in China and the Rakhmelevich’s in Russia MOST likely know who LeBron is — could one assume that the impact would be SUBSTANTIALLY larger than the old creepy guy, (who I swear I saw on To Catch A Predator.) (Pause for courtesy laugh…) (No, really…laugh!)

Think about it — Would you rather see the creepy old man or LeBron asking you to spare some chunk change to improve the lives of those living in extreme poverty while holding a starving child? It’s estimated that 1.4 Billion people in developing countries live in extreme poverty, or on less that $1.25 a day. $1.25/day — Here, in the USA, that will buy maybe (2) jolly ranchers, a stamp, and 1/5 of a gallon of gas.

This is what $7 a month can do:
– Sustain LIFE for 1 person with AIDS.
– Provides clean water to Africans for a YEAR.
– Saves 1 person’s life from Malaria.

Now, I’m not being paid by Mocha Club to promote them — but $7 is the price of 2 MOCHAS. You’d probably actually doing yourself a favor by sacrificing the 720 calories in 2 Mocha Frappuccino’s. So, it’s a win/win situation — you stay healthy all the while impacting the lives of others.

My point is this: Obviously, there are MANY causes to contribute to, I’m just very passionate about poverty/lack of clean water in Africa. With that said — “Global Icon” status should be taken advantage of, because if Michael Jordan can convince me to wear Hanes, then surely LeBron can convince people to give $7 a month to support a great cause. Here are a few “global icon’s” who embrace their platform and use it to contribute to different causes:

The Brees Dream Foundation — Advancing research in the fight against cancer and providing care, education and opportunities for children in need.
The Steve Nash Foundation — Growing health in kids.
Lance Armstrong — Fight to improve the lives of those battling cancer.
Dikembe Mutombo — Improving Health, Education, and Quality of Life in Africa.

Suggestion: Feed The Children — give LeBron a call to shoot that commercial, and just compare the results from when you used the old creepy guy.



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