Bucket List..

My last semester in college, I was enrolled in an entrepreneur class that ended up really inspiring me to pursue the “unpursueable”.  Funny how while I was actually in school, I wasn’t so inspired, but now that I look back — I learned a lot about business plans and life at the same time.

We had this project to create a business — My group created a company called TheBucket.com. TheBucket.com was an online social community that encouraged people to pursue their life-long goals, or the items on their bucket list. Whether it was to start a business, climb Mt. Everest (hey a 13 yr. old can do it), or have a family — the idea was for people to share experiences they’ve encountered with the online community through stories, pictures and useful information in hopes of motivating someone to create a bucket list and pursue his/her dreams.

We got an A on the project.

It was awesome constructing a business plan, working to create marketing plans, market analysis’, financial projections, and business operations. So we presented our business plan to the class — trying to inspire them even. What I failed to mention was:

  • I don’t even have a bucket list.

So, here I am, constructing my bucket list AFTER I made my hypothetical business. In my opinion — I think its great to have goals written down, to keep yourself somewhat aware of the things you are passionate about accomplishing before you “kick the bucket”. Then, as you complete these things — you just check them off, moving on to your next item..

Quick Conclusion:
Life is too short to stand back and watch other people  accomplish their goals — take an hour and write down your bucket list, and ACT on it!



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