Every day, I depend on a cup of coffee to get me through the first half of the day. Somedays the coffee is great, somedays I think “what the crap am I drinking?”  However, regardless of the taste, it usually gives me a temporary boost, a short-lived jump-start to the long day that lays ahead — all until about 2pm!

With that said, compared to those 2 cups of coffee, how cool is it to know that the Lord can be the “coffee of our lives”. The fact that God will provide an eternal boost, a consistent jump-start, a continuous refresher, complemented by the everlasting hope He provides — seems pretty legit. I’ll take that over “Master Chef” ground coffee anyday o’ the week..

Analogies are awesome.



2 responses to “Coffee..

  • Colt Johnson

    I love God and I love Coffee. So, I love this analogy! Good work!

  • Mom

    You are just like your Mom with analogies, I just use examples from my yard. pulling weeds planting veggies…growth,…You got your analogies from me or God.
    I am proud of what
    God is doing in and through you.

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