Halftime Adjustments..

When Oklahoma State takes the field/court in the first half, more than not, they end up at the end of the first half having to make huge adjustments — whether it be in football or basketball. Whether it’s a QB change or being more aggressive on the offensive end, adjustments HAVE to be made to succeed in the 2nd half. (yea, bleeding orange can be frustrating)

I’d like to tie this into the “game” of Life.

I’d like to dub my “schooling” years  as the “1st half of my life” — Starting from Kindergarten to the day I graduated college (3 weeks ago). A 17-year first half (age 22 now), followed by a 70+ year 2nd half, God willing.

If you were to look at the game stats for the first half of your life, what would you see? Would you have a halftime show showcasing all of your First half highlights? Would Chris Berman or Greg Gumbel be raving about the “big plays” you made? Or would they be envisioning “big plays” TO be made in the 2nd half?

Either way, I believe a lot of us, including myself, are at the point where we need to evaluate/critique what we’ve done in the 1st half, and prepare/enable ourselves for whats in store for us in the 2nd half.

Lately, I’ve been struggling about where I am and what I’m setting myself up for in my career. In football terms, its like I’ve been calling running plays for the past 20 downs — Perhaps its time for a pass. Maybe a post route, or even a Hailmary.

That said, when Oklahoma State gets a first down, the whole stadium erupts in a “FIRST DOWN AND TEN” along with the “first down” motion. A first down gives a team hope — it re-energizes them.  Same for people. Maybe the play you need to make to get that first down is simple, maybe its tough.  It’s tough figuring out how to get that renewed boost sometimes. I think, for me, it’s figuring out who I am and what my place is in the work world. Not as easy as I thought now that I’m in Corporate America.

All this being said, it’s time to make haltime adjustments, and its time to prepare for the upcoming big plays that lay ahead in the “2nd half.” Unleash your potential and go ahead and shock the world.



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