Figured it was about time to update this thing..

How have I lost sight of things I’ve been so passionate about for so long, so fast?

Is it because graduation is right around the corner?

Last month, I didn’t want to settle for just a normal life after college — ya know, one where I graduate, get an apartment, and start that office job from 8-5 making calls to prospective season ticket holders. I wanted to pursue something ‘extraordinary’ — like being a videographer for Empower-A-Child.org based out of Uganda, or get involved in a sports outreach program to keep kids out of drugs and away from violence.

I feel like I’ve lost sight of that.

Now, I’m beginning a job with the OKC Thunder on March 2nd, and setting myself up for life in Sports.

How does the passion to do the ‘extraordinary’ disappear so quickly? But then again — what if these sports opportunities exists in another form of ‘extraordinary’..

I talked w/ my roommate @mattveasey — and he had some really good insight. He simply said just because I’m not in a “ministry” setting, such as a church, or an overseas christian outreach program dedicated to changing lives, does not mean I don’t have a ministry in full force.

And then, I got to thinking: just because I’m not a pastor or work specifically in a christ-centered environment, does not mean I don’t have a ministry. My ministry starts when I wake up, continuing throughout the day with each and every interaction I make with people. Whether it is in the wal-mart line, playing intramural basketball (which it is very hard sometimes to be a christian on the court), or at work — these situations are where my ministry can thrive the most. Since i’m playing intramural basketball in an hour and a half — I’ll just focus on that. Instead of cursin’ the ref under my breath for that horrible call, or lettin’ my competitive side get the best of me (which sometimes isn’t always a bad thing) — I can think twice, and realize that people are watching, and remind myself that I am a representative of Christ even on the basketball court.

I tend to ramble, so I’ll tie it up.

Ultimately, I want a career where I can impact the lives of others. Maybe it won’t be in Africa, but rather in my own backyard of Oklahoma. My ministry is everywhere & what I’ve realized over the past few days is that it legitimately starts the second I wake up and begin my day. So, if the sports industry is the route I’ll be taking on full-time come post-graduation, then I’ll take full advantage of it to make it ‘extraordinary.’


5 responses to “Extraordinary..

  • Leah LaNae

    Hey, I don’t know if you’ve read my blog… but I wrote a post the other day somewhat similar. I’ve been struggling with the 8-5 job and wondering what’s the bigger impact? In the end… did I change the world doing what I’m doing?
    And I agree with everything you and Veasey talked about. But the other thing I thought as I was reading this.. is that God has each of us in different places during different seasons of our lives… so in this season your ministry may be in sports, just doing what seems like the typical job… but He may have a season ahead of you that he is preparing you for right now… and maybe that season ahead of you will be doing what heart really wants or what you feel are extraordinary things!

    Just a thought…

  • Greg L.

    Very well put Michael (and Veasey). God can use us in extraordinary places and settings to do extraordinary things for His Glory. I am reminded all the time that what I do is a ministry to people of all types, and it DOES start 1st thing in the morning on my knees, asking God to order my steps, and to receive all the glory and honor. It’s a cruel world sometimes, but so much of our day can and should be driven by Jesus at the Wheel.
    I’m proud of you, and stand beside you all the way!
    Love, Dad

  • Sherrye V

    I agree with what the other two posts have said too. I feel the same way all the time, but there maybe a season later where you do do some of the other things you are more passionate about but it doesn’t mean God can’t use you ever day in every way right where you are at.
    He will present other opportunities when the time is right! YOu won’t have to wonder he’ll let you know. I so need to remind myself of that often.

  • Kyle

    I totally agree with everything you said, especially the intramural basketball part.

  • Samuel Sebuliba

    Hey man,this post is a classic.Many people have a mindset that its only coming to Africa that they are going to a mission field.Our mission field is right where God has planted us and we ought to bear fruit where we are! I love this man and I pray that the Lord will let His light shine through you to affect those around u.Show time!!

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